No such thing as privacy. No choice to make. We’re all spies

  1.  Google’s boss weak in his pants. “Could be”. Someone was asking him to lead as being the boss of one of the biggest shits on earth.



-> This sourcing from the fact that FBI required Apple a way to disable any security on demand , while:


At least the PR sounds like they would stand tall.   Details in the article . My favorite is Tronald Dumb saying: “Who do they think they are? “ (7:45). A individual concerned about preserving the rights of the most would turn away from this path  and would rather suggest to fuck those bloody bastards, alleged terrorists, even without an equitable trial   , rather  than allow fucking up the whole world.

Because the choice here should not be  at all between “human right” ( that’s a joke) to privacy  and  the necessity of security. Nope. At all.  If these paki looneys comited the murders and that’s clear fact, there’s no need to put all world’s privacy at stake against their human rights during the trial and investigation .( I know they died , it about a principle) Fuck, no! Most of humanity would piss on their rights and would vouch for torturing , brain extracting / doing whatever  Guantanamo style to those shits , pushing it -for them – to what ever level it needs until they  up everything they have as an intel, rather than  go the way suggested. Suggested that we all should pay a cost for that these 2 shits can benefit their right of being treated humanly. 

But that choice is not there . Never like that . Always the balance is set to something to match the target, such , terrorism , global threats .   Nope , morons! The choice should be between torturing people that’s already clear what they are , with the risk that we’re wrong  and  allowing torture for everybody , indiscriminately , at the discretion of the intelligence agencies and governments . And we all know what we would vouch for .There is no fucking privacy because nobody wants it. That’s hardly any respected value anymore.


Do you Yahoo ? That is “waaay safer”!


Formally confirmed.

And reconfirmed.

So if you care:

And that explicit patch here is only a figurative way of some privacy.






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