De seara la Hilton


Cobor din lift, scot cardul și îmi dau seama ca nu mai știu ce camera am. Știu etajul și ca ar fi 2080, sau pe acolo.

Nu,  nu sunt beat. Am încercat dar nu s-a putut. Ficatul refuza.

Ajung la 2080,  bag cardul. Pula. Rosu. Nu o fi asta. 2081 are pe ușa DND, 2082 are breakfast in bed, eu nu am lăsat nimic pe ușa.

Mai încerc doua trei uși și plec la recepție.  Le dau buletinul.
– Hi, I am a guest of this hotel and I can’ t remember my hotel room, or the card has demagnetized.

-Have you been drinking sir? Do you need any help to get to your room?

-Yes, I have been drinking quite enough,  I’d say but,  I don’t need any help to get there once I know where to go and I have a magnetised card.

-Ok, sir. Your room is 2080. I am magnetizing your card again.

-Wow. So I do remember it. Fine, thanks. I’ll go there to check and then come back to drink some more.

-Um. Ok sir, perhaps I should write the number on something.

-Nah, you wrote it already once when I checked in and I just forgot about it,  so I need to write it. On my blog.
-Nevermind, thank you.

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