Clash of Clans: The evil stewardess . They’re getting upgraded

Last Thursday while flying from Frankfurt to Bucharest I took note of flight attendants getting smarter and checking explicitly for the plane icon on passenger’s phones to make sure it’s really on flight mode, as the passengers always claim. That being said, today I didn’t had time to collect elixir between flights , because of delay to Munich. Hence, here I was, in the plane to Dusseldorf with the elixir still to collect.

The stewardess informs that that we’re about to take off and asks us to switch the phones in flight mode. Yup,right away … I just start the Clash of Clans game. They present us the safety instructions. Veeery interesting….. I start a battle on CoC.  The stewardess sneaks behind me and says:

-Sir,  please  shut down the phone!

Me , poker face:

– But , it’s in flight mode.

She, weasel :

–   Whaaaat?! Who do you think you’re fouling here ?! This is Clash of Clans , it needs internet to play . That’s no  flight mode. Please shut it down now, sir!

Me ,  donkey face:

– Alright , alright , you caught me .

– Of course I caught you ! Clash of Clans?!…


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