Lunch talk


Some day in the future the things will turn up a little bad for someone, I guess.

Oldish F:  Is &sapedit working in this system?

Young(er) D: …Maybe some ages ago…

Oldish F:  Then is there other way that we can alter data directly in the tables?

Young(er) D: Yes.

Oldish F: Can you show me?

Young(er) D: …(delaying the answer)…Yes. Do you have the right to replace under debug?

Oldish F:   I don’t know. SAP_ALL is good?

Young(er) D: In this case, I don’t think “good” is the word for it but – yes you can do  with it.

Oldish F:   This is the material list for which I need to change these fields.

Young(er) D: List? I thought it’s one, or two.

Oldish F:  No, I have this excel sheet. I need to change all.

Young(er) D:   I am afraid  you will not live that long.

Oldish F: Why? I am not that old .

Young(er) D: This doesn’t work like &sapedit , you need to edit one by one and there are multiple steps that you need to do under debug , for each line you want to change. How long is your list ?

Oldish F:  Umm, around 1000 materials. How long would it take?

Young(er) D:  I am afraid you are too old….

Oldish F:   But  then ,you can do it!

Young(er) D:  Change a thousand materials under debug? Can -yes. Will ? Not. You’re asking me to bypass  the system way too much.

Oldish F: Can’t you do a program for this?

Young(er) D:   For changing some entries on MARA?

Oldish F: Actually it’s about more material tables that need to be “touched”. Can you do it?

Young(er) D: Yes. But it’s not a matter of  “can”.

Oldish F:   But we need it because    […shitty reasons here…]

Young(er) D:  I am pretty sure that this can be done through some business process, probably even   a standard transaction … like MASS ?!.

Oldish F:  Yes but … [inconsistencies in the system]   and … [not an MM consultant].

Young(er) D:  I wonder how these “inconsistencies” shown up in the first place.

Oldish F:  Doesn’t matter , we need ….

Young(er) D:   If I’d be a doctor , I’d loose my  license for this …

Oldish F:   You seem to be the type of guy that would practice anyway, so just do it.


I am not giving you any names in this story. Just so that you don’t ask. It’s about some people I don’t know who they are and I’ll never see them again.

In fact , this was received by email from an anonymous address.

Busy now.


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