WordPress Crash. Cannot Add New Post.

I spent my last hour debugging through wordpress as I could not add any new post , or upload anything from mobile.

It crashed last evening when I was trying to correct a draft from mobile. I have the feeling that the mobile app from WordPress does not close the wp_posts table correctly. Or something 🙂

Initially I didn’t know what’s the issue . In the morning I was trying to write something from the computer and found  that when  trying to Add New Post from the menu, it would open it up without any Main Text.


Like this .


Well done WP mobile app!  I have checked on the internet for solutions of course  and got to the page that tells you to  enable the debug. Which I did and got this output below, that basically shows a duplicate key message from DB for the post id in the table wp_post:


I have checked in mysql ( you do have  to take a backup of  your wordpress DB before doing that , I am just too good for it – kidding , I had one from yesterday). There I have only 6628 posts, there’s no duplicate on 6629 ,but obviously there is something wrong, because I would get same issue while trying to manually add new line in mysql.

I have checked the autoincrement and it was fine. But the table was not fine when I made a mysql check.  It’s stored as myISAM.

check table wp_posts;

db_wordpress.wp_posts check warning Table is marked as crashed
db_wordpress.wp_posts check warning 22 clients are using or haven't closed the table properly
db_wordpress.wp_posts check error Found key at page 36192256 that points to record outside datafile
db_wordpress.wp_posts check error Corrupt

I have ran the  repair table and everything is back to normal. I think :).

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