Google forbids the rights of the user to record the media for offline playback.There’s a stand and a petition against this act.

An internet service that allows the user to convert the media from youtube to mp3 and download it  for listening when offline  has raised a petition  to Google  against their actions of  protesting / cancelling in any way  the service  offered by these folks . Service is called and their petition can be filled here .


I signed this petition to Google ,
Because I believe that all knowledge/information that is made open to the public should be freely accessible and nobody should pay for the right to get the knowledge/information. This should be part of our strategy to evolution through information. Imagine a world where you should pay for the Theorem of Pitagora , or for singing in the bathroom a song that belongs to someone else.

The fact that by users recording songs from youtube they hinder Google’s profit from advertising , by diminished access to listen to the media online, I believe that first of all is overrated and secondly , it should not be the concern of the user.

Those that convert the audio of a song to listen in an offline environment are doing it mainly to be able to listen to the media there where they don’t have internet access. I am still using Youtube to listen to my favorite songs wherever I have internet , because it’s more comfortable and easy to search and zapp. But I intend to benefit of the comfort and technology of timeline I live in , so I take these songs available for me also for places where I have no connection to internet , such as : in the car , subway. Google wouldn’t make anyway any money from my usage of media under these circumstances.

More than this,listening same songs excessively when offline makes me search more on youtube for new songs when I’m online , so Youtube gets a more diverse usage from me and the chance to get more money from publicity as per their business model.

I have doubts  that anyone will read my statement there , but I signed it anyway , and stand for it .

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