Je suis Pakistan / Lahore?

And it happened. In Pakistan, Lahore , in a crowded park a muslim bomber  blew himself up .  In a christian community celebrating catholic Easter 70 people died.  Children and women, mostly . Pope Francis said something about this and demanded  that Pakistani authorities  protect the religious minorities  against such attacks . And that’s a joke!

The European authorities of countries with  majority consisting in christian people is chronically failing to protect them in their own countries against attacks coming mostly from muslim and having at least a partial religious motivation.

There’s already plenty of voices mocking us that we are not standing  up for our “brothers” in Pakistan and that  we judge with double standards.

No, we  have solid standards here,  whether they are double or not.

When we think of the life in a third world country, we reckon that such unfortunate events are more or less likely to happen, having a direct causal relation with the lack of civilisation, education and poverty in the named countries.   That is precisely why when one goes in such country like Pakistan , he takes caution and also exactly why the embassies in  the civilised countries warn you before traveling and some even send you SMS with the warning when you land in such country.

So , with all the sadness and regret , but this is not  unexpected news and trying to raise this as an argument  against  the selective empathy of the  civilised world , by ignoring the circumstances  is just lame.

If you  think about the same crime / genocide placed in a 1st world country , or in a country aspiring to the title of “1st world country “, then it’s not something that  you would expect to happen , not something that you would take as a default. Because it fail to raise at the level of  what “1st world country” means . And there is a reason why we regard it with empathy and why we have expectations that some  countries  are doing more to protect the  citizens living within their borders , be them native , or not . In general , it is expected that these countries value a lot more the humans and the human rights and it makes sense to empathise , to manifest and to protest when  it’s the case, because these are the expressions of people’s will , and the democratic and peaceful means of change.

While they make no sense and you’ld be a foul to  hope of any effect within a 3rd world country , especially when criticizing a terrorist organization.

That is why the 1st world countries in Europe do their best  not to have their own population enraged against the immigrants  belonging to same religion, nationality, or culture with the terrorist organizations committing and taking credit for acts of such crude violence , even though the statistics show a correlation between the increase in number of this population in Europe and an increase in criminality and terrorism.

That is why an Europe’s 1st world country would rather arrest a guy who admitted by a tweet the fact that he discriminated a muslim and potentially created social tensions , even though his instigation was not followed but mocked.  Because Europe actively looks in protecting  the interests of all humans inside and apparently outside, which is not necessarily for the best, but it’s what you would expect for a civilized country and you’d never think of in 3rd world.

Because Europe is not Yet  a country of talibans.

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One Reply to “Je suis Pakistan / Lahore?”

  1. How ironic that the values that define Europe as a non-taliban country (yet, as you said) are the same ones that will lead to us to not benefiting of them; every empire carries within itself the seeds of its own destruction. Apparently the blind and undifferentiated empathy will be our downfall. We care more about protecting some utopian ideals, than the lives of actual people. Go political correctness and positive discrimination!

    We, as a species, have conflict in our genes; by muzzling these outbursts, you only restrain them temporarily, until they return with a vengeance. Since the dawn of civilisation, humans have fought for survival or for plain fun. It’s naive to believe that we have ethically evolved beyond such primitive endeavours. We’ll see if history will kick us in the butt once again: being civil is seen as weakness, the weak must perish. Let slip the dogs of war!

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