FOK JULLE NAAIERS! –  But Can you ?

Daca nu intelegeti engleza, ghinion, e un motiv pentru care scriu asa mai departe.

In other words:

[stextbox id=”black” float=”true” width=”720″]The illusion that you can fuck everyone and everything.[/stextbox]

There are these mornings when I wake up with the feeling that  I can leave the world behind me.

That the world is too stupid , that it doesn’t deserve me , that I can fuck it all and  better live off it.  Well , it’s a good feeling to start up my narcissistic day  by trolling how everything else but me sucks.

And then I suck up from my Diet Coke .

And start up my laptop provided by my company.

And check my status on my branded phone.

And my bank account.

And the tasteful life that I boot up into every morning  creates me the illusion that I am the big shit  in my self-centered universe and that everything else is valueless around me and that I don’t need anything and I can stick my dick in every opportunity.

My , oh , my, so many “my“-es. But how many of them can be really attributed to me solely taken outside the society context I am living  in ?

Take away the can of coke poisoning my mornings with overdose of self esteem , take the fucking laptop that I use to write this shit,  take the phone that I can use to ignore other’s people calls , put them on hold and listen maniacally to the muffled beep-beep , that the  phone does for the call on-hold , while I am starring at the ceiling , take the bank account , take everything  that the whole network of stupid people, called society, built for my comfort and put me into the middle of the bloody nowhere having nothing else , but what I can achieve myself without the result of the interaction with others  and then ask me to fuck everyone!

The funny part of the liberty of  being dissociated  and having no obligation to no-one is that it values less than a shit , when everyone else , say the system , gives up any links and any benefits provided to you  on the account of the very same liberty and of the right to fuck you .

The actual way to fuck everyone is exploit , abuse or owe them in your pocket . Otherwise is just empty words.

Well, the shameful truth is that I like you , stupid people , stupid and broken society that offers me the comfort of thinking that I’m important, even with the cost of me being part of the system and useful to it.

What I  really wanted to say  with fuck everyone , is that I would like to find a way to fuck the system without being fucked back, or kicked out.


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7 years ago

You got drunk !!!
Again 🙂

Reply to  speedy.gonzales
7 years ago

Nope. Dry as dust.

7 years ago

or you stayed too much in the sun and you got a head-stroke