Release 0.60 [English v.]

This is currently the 6th release of my bot. What does it do?

I.[Basic Explanation]

It knows to build buildings , to recruit troops-colonists-general(s) ,  to  attack ( by a schedule) and to farm. It also knows to move resources when the  warehouse / granary are full. It knows to buy , transfer resources when the granary is emptying and the troops are about to starve.  If configured aggressively , it knows to balance reources between villages [but this is currently under optimizing].

Also the script can be configured to  perpetually send resources to a village that constantly needs it , from a specific village.

II.[How does it work?]

  • It logs in to the account and  changes through all the villages verifying if there are any outstanding issues with  the resources.
  • If there are it executes a set of preconfigured actions in order to prevent warehouses/granaries being exceeded or troops getting starved.
  • Then it executes 2 sets [queues] of configured actions [1 set for attacks and 1 set for buildings + troops ].
  • When reaches to the final  it waits for a while and then makes another pass …and so on.
  • (This gives the possibility that the user configures multiple accounts  on multiple servers/countries , upto 8 so that the script passes through each of them turn by turn.)
  • It uses internet explorer  interface to perform most of the actions [but hidden] so , if the user uses this browser , it may get interrupted sometime from his work , by scheduled browser restarts.


The script has its own intelligence , but unfortunately it does not replace the user’s intelligence. It only helps it in some measure.

Small examples are as follows :

  • In farming mode attack  it calculates the time that troops are making  to the attacked village and back , and auto   schedule  the next attack based on this distance.
  • When sending resources to other villages when the warehouses are getting full ,  it calculates an intelligent average so that it sends to the village that needs mostly the excessive resource , but nevertheless  it takes account of the distance between the villages , so that the transport won’t take too long.
  • If configured intelligently, the script can build the whole chain of buildings up till the really needed one. For example if you need to get to the  workshop , there’s a way that you can simply schedule the script to build all the prerequisites to the needed levels and then the workshop.

IV. [Detailed actions  that script can do]

  1. Builds a specific building spot by specifying the building place image showing  how a building can be scpecified by id
  2. Builds a specific building by specifying its name such as : market ,  cranny …etc , or the names in the Romanian language (targ , primarie,beci ).
  3. Recruits  army/colonists/general(s)  by specifying the percent of the maximum recruitable troops that you want to be recruited at each pass
  4. Can schedule and reschedule (automatically) farming attacks to specified target.
  5. Can be configured to ask resources to specific village.
  6. ..

V.[How To Use]

See the appropriate section in this category.

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