Conspiracy Theory. The Planned Delay

While spending my time  in the airport and talking with some  fellows that also lost their connections, I have found  also via some social media that the flight I was supposed to catch at 9:30 to DUS  took off full. We were  around 10 passengers  in the initial  flight to Wien aiming for this connection. There were also some folks aiming for connection to Frankfurt that also took of full.

Of course, since Lufthansa  cancelled all short range , mid range flights  it was a problem for a lots of people to reach any German city , not only for those leaving from Bucharest. Hence , it is quite possible that there were some waiting lists for those flights which quickly filled up the empty space.

However ,  I believe that  what can happen will happen and  I’d rather believe in human made combination of events than in random very unfortunate constellation.  Hence , the chance of  a Lufthansa strike cancelling all the flights combined with a technical issue on a sensor  for the next best option flight to a certain destination , which only takes one hour to fix  – exists , but it’s more likely that once  with having all Lufthansa flights gone , an overbooking situation to occur on it’s partners Austrian and German Wings. Overbooking can be more gently resolved with a small delay  caused by a technical issue and bad weather,  rather than confronted straight up-face . That is if you call gentle the fact that I sat 5 hours blocked in Wien, as well as other people.

And they fucking broke into my luggage. I had a cipher lock mostly to keep the zippers together, which vanished along the way. No , I don’t miss anything, because there wasn’t anything to miss ( I carry only clothes and toiletries).Well , I do miss the cipher lock.



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