Manager’s Dream…

Managers, all dream to manage, to create strategies and set guidelines to their employees.

Unfortunately, often it happens that decisions fall unilaterally and inflexibly from the very top, specially if we talk corporate wise.

The management job then , reduces from the job of the leader ,of the strategy creator ,of the decision maker to the profession of a dispatcher, conductor.


The leader then, is just playing the role of  guide , who tours his  team following the already written and decided paths.

Here from the   big corporatist meeting for discussing strategies  , I depict a reality in contradiction with the famous  titles.

I’ve seen people who like to talk in front of  large teams , jerking off their manager skills in front of the crowd, spitting out with fake  spontaneity   their memorized speech and enjoying when  members of their audience  are providing a good hand in support of this public jerk-off , in their desperate desire to make themselves visible in the crowd  , worthy of getting picked for   a better position in the hierarchy.

The so called open discussions are in fact  regulatory meetings of  unilateral decision passing , brain washing of any contradictory arguments , “proactively”  bending any shadow of  alternative ideas , cutting off from the roots any suspicion of rejection or insubordination, gently of course, using the diplomatic red axe of  “who’s not with us, is against us”  .

 Such companies are building-up the primacy of the smaller dick.

In translation , promoting upper and upper those who manifest the highest subordination attitude , who give up fastest to their ideas in favor of embracing the much better , much more majestic  ideas coming from  the top , who validate and even push further to paroxysm, the dedication and the alignment with what’s already decided and the ideas that have been already thought .

The management chain is selectively built out of  a choir of “yes” voices, a stable of silent digesting cows,  turning the hard stuff into shit , to paint the faces of the unpriviledged ones with it.

Here and then , you may see smart folks , just posing in quiet  and obedient shepards   , secretly using true intelligent means in just achieving the written KPIs and doing as much as possible the right things  through  underground and shortcut methods. True  blood gamblers ,risking their positions and playing hide from the eyes of those  who hunt the noncompliance, those incapable of raising themselves to the level of their own bullshit, living on pointing fingers. This kind of player I do respect , even in corporatist environment . Playing the role of  Neo in a matrix   of ever flatting rules.

You would think that such companies , promoting leadership based on such  criteria should be meant to fail, but they don’t, and the reason why , is right  this high degree of subordination , compliance and surface organization and reorganization.

The environment grows ever  controlled and all runs by a plan , achieving or not the targets , crawling through mediocrity sometimes , but never escaping to the chaos of insubordination and rogue decisions at any intermediate levels.

The only  true management values freely convertible in Gold or Silver  (Visa or Mastercard) are the ability of deleting any trace of ego from  yourself and your  subordinates , trimming down personalities  to fully comply the corporate profile and  quick removal of the resilient subjects that cannot be assimilated , converted and that are constituting infectious source of free  thinking and disobedience.

This brain log cannot have any conclusion , as it is from the very beginning the conclusion of  the management…in the way that my brain can decode the images on the retina and the vibrations on my eardrum…

The abject and obtrusive   language  does not  imply my adversity whatsoever , but  I’m painting my walls in strong tones .

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